Do judges hate HDR? – Ian Winship

I missed the club night this week so couldn’t respond to the person who wanted to know why judges hated HDR. I can’t speak for any other judges, but I don’t hate HDR – I just think its often overdone.
As most are aware HDR (High Dynamic Range) is a technique to compensate for the fact that the camera lens/sensor combination is less flexible than the human eye. The eye can adjust to see detail in highlights/shadows, etc in the same view, whereas the camera gives a more average interpretation with a shorter tonal range. Use of filters or post processing methods can improve images, but HDR is a generally simpler technique. When it was first popular there were some interesting images, but many have become cliched, especially those with a lot of emphasising black, especially around clouds. These are the sort that seem to annoy some judges.
I think the best HDR pictures are probably those you can’t easily tell are HDR.

See  50 Incredible Examples of HDR Photography and I hate your HDR

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